Operable Wall

Top hung movable wall system with individual or pair hinged operated interlocking panels that have top&bottom retractable seal locking panel in position,pre-finished with MDF, vinyl, fabric or other specified finish.

4 models are available as the height and sound insulation requirement on site

  • NW821—-65mm wall thickness for height below 3m,  35dB-38dB sound insulation rate.
  • NW835—-88mm wall thickness for height below4.5m,43dB-48dB sound insulation rate.
  • NW840—-100mm wall thickness for height below 6m,48dB-55dB sound insulation rate.
  • NW-125— Ultra-high model for height up 6m to 18m,48dB-53dB sound insulation rate.

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Aluminum frame door panel, each panel is jointed together with Male&Female magnetic seal, pre-finished with MDF, vinyl, fabric or other specified finish. Panels are manufactured at various heights up to 17m. All vertical and horizontal structural frame consist of extruded aluminum profile, with a snap-on base made of extruded rubber seal. Panels lift into floor and ceiling tracks to form a solid, uniform wall system that provides excellent acoustic barrier with a STC rating of 38 to 58dB.

Movable Wall

How Our Product Works

The panel is designed in tongue-and-groove mode and its surface finish can be made of precise laminated board, pre-finished wood veneer, fabric or other materials specified by customers. The movable partition wall is also equipped with vertical and horizontal external frame fabricated by extruded aluminum profiles. The retractable vinyl pressure seals installed on the top and bottom of panel can tightly seal the gaps between the panel and the top and bottom tracks, helping to form a sealed and balanced wall which blocks the propagation of sound wave. The sound insulation effect can reach up to 35 to 58 dB.

Movable Wall

What’s more, we design a simple lock-up configuration. The dismountable operating handle enabling 180°rotation controls the extrusion and retraction of retractable pressure seals.

Telescopic Panel

By means of the extension sleeve on the last panel, the final closure of partition wall is achieved. Meantime, the rubber sealing strips on the top and bottom of telescopic panel can simultaneously extend to the top and bottom gaps, and the side rubber sealing strip will be tightly closed to the wall, thus reaching the overall sound insulation effect.

Movable Wall



There will be a 20-25mm gap between the top of panels and the bottom of the head track when the wall panels are moved.Similarly, the gap also exists between the bottom of panels and the floor.By installing the retractable pressure seals on the top and bottom of panels, excellent sound insulation effect is achieved when the panels are positioned.

The pressure seals are operated by a dismountable handle enabling a 180° rotation to realize the extrusion and retraction. The overall sound insulation effect can be achieved via the extension sleeve on the last panel and the tight sealing of the top and bottom seals.


The decorative finishes shown are standard models and we also provide other types of finish, such as the natural wood veneer, wall covering, etc. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Movable Wall

                 MDF or Plywood                                                   Melamine sheet                                                  Woven Fabric


Panel Stacking

Panels with double rollers can be stacked in a variety of positions. For panels with a single roller, the parking on one or side of the opening is available.

Movable Wall

Panel Option

Movable Wall