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Nowadays space usage is more and more diversification

People need to change a space flexibly according to the need of the job, movable partition wall can not only divide or expand a space conveniently and rapidly, and still can improve the layout of whole space and function.

Depending on the use function and decoration style, you can choose movable wall with better sound insulation effect and privacy, and can have different decorative surface to beautify your office environment. If there is a need for transparency or light, you can also choose movable glass partition wall to achieve both dividing the space and enjoying a good view.

When you need a meeting room for clients or staff training, your working area can be transformed into the space you need easily and quickly. On the other hand, large office areas can be easily divided into small ones to provide privacy for your employees, reduce interference and improve work efficiency.

The multi-function hall of the hotel can be divided into large space according to the use function for wedding banquet or large forum, and also can be divided into small space for small meetings or banquets.

Partition wall is top hung system, rail installed on beam without rail on the floor, with minimal damage to the existing structure, when you need to break up a space, Push out wall panel from the parking area, locked the wall panel by top&bottom retractable seal, panels with tongue and groove interface sealed tightly, form sound insulation wall, when this wall is no need, you can push the wall panel back to parking area, restore to a large area. If you are building a fixed wall, you cannot change the space and create the space flexibly.

Our professional design team can provide you with professional pre-sales consultation and design the most advantageous layout according to your space, ensuring that you can meet the flexible use of space needs now and in the future.

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