At Colico, for accordion folding doors, we work primarily with Sonicwall products that are offered in several models (accordion folding door and acoustical accordion door). Also, here are some unique features to Sonicwall products:

  • Non-combustible; Sonicwall products are providing additional protection against fire
  • Excellent acoustic properties; Sonicwall products ensure peace of mind with their acoustic accordion doors
  • Naturally light; Sonicwall accordion foldnig doors have been designed to be as light as possible
  • Environmentally friendly; The manufacturing processes of the Sonicwall accordion folding doors are not harmful to the environment

In any setting, aesthetics are important. Therefore, Sonicwall offers different coating in several colors to create the design you want. Standard coatings for an accordion folding door can be vinyl, fabric, carpet, laminate, wood or metal, it’s only up to you to decide! Remember that an accordion folding door (Sonicwall) is the most practical system to modulate your space quickly.

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